Welcome to TOTO

Welcome to TOTO

Senin, 04 Mei 2009

All About TOTO

TOTO History
TOTO Ltd. was founded in 1917 as a manufacturer of ceramic sanitary wares and plumbing hardware. Before long, TOTO Ltd. grew to become Japan’s industrial leader in sanitary and plumbing related products. And now in the 21st century, TOTO Ltd., with it's expanded corporate vision is poised to move forward and provide products as well as services to improve the cleanliness, comfort and convenience of residential and non-residential spaces. TOTO Ltd. is also a company that is devoted to enhancing our lifestyle while preserving the purity of our environment.

TOTO in Indonesia

P.T. SURYA TOTO INDONESIA began its humble tradition with CV Surya, a thriving business that specialized in the trading of building materials. The company took the first step toward becoming a respected name in the sanitary ware industry when it was selected as an agent for TOTO Limited of Japan, one of the world’s largest sanitary ware manufacturers.

Foreseeing a promising future in the production of sanitary ware, CV Surya entered into a joint venture with TOTO Limited of Japan under the name P.T. SURYA TOTO INDONESIA. This measure was taken in order to take the advantage of Indonesia’s ample resources, which include a plentiful supply of skilled workers, abundant raw materials and low fuel cost.

P.T. SURYA TOTO INDONESIA currently operates two sanitary ware plants, and a sanitary fitting plant, and employs approximately 3,508 people. This dynamic enterprise continue to rely on superior product, savvy marketing, highly motivated employees and the expansion of its worldwide sales network to provide quality products that improve our way of life.

Our Mission

TOTO’s mission is to enhance humanity’s relationship with water. We strive to make your life better by cultivating a culture of comfort and enrichment. We do this with innovative products and designs that provide a seamless user experience. TOTO's products integrate seamlessly into your daily lifestyle, no matter what your size, shape or abilities. We focus on flexibility, comfort and reliability while delivering a user experience that is second to none—whether using a TOTO toilet, faucet, shower, sink or bath tub.

TOTO Design

TOTO products are designed to enhance your every day experience and elevate the level on which you connect to your bath space. Engineered, tested, designed and ready for daily use, TOTO's products focus on technologies that bring the bathroom from the dark ages to the 21st centuryTo us, the bath space should be a sanctuary of serenity; a place where one can cleanse the mind, body and spirit. That's why we create high-end fixtures and fittings designed to not only function well, but add to the aesthetic appeal of your home and lifestyle.

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